Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Win7 Hibernate... Yet Another Stupidity...

Continuing my rant on progress bars and different Microsoft products, this time I want to write about the shiny new Win7's hibernate style. Earlier, when we chose to hibernate our systems, Windows would very decently report the progress of hibernation so that the user was well aware of what was going on and how long would it take for the system to finish hibernating. And yes, this was removed in Win7. Why?

I am just amazed thinking about what might have been the justification to implement such a feature. You click on "Hibernate" and the screen will instantly black out with the hard-disk access light blinking like crazy for 5 mins and then suddenly your system will turn OFF. You will have no idea as to what the system was doing, whether it was actually hibernating or something just happened to your screen. You won't be able to guess the remaining amount of work or time that it would take for the hibernation to complete.

Why does Microsoft take such pains hiding meaningful information from the users? Why do they not think before removing a functionality in newer versions and worsen the user experience with every release? It's a mystery really... Same as the feeling I get when I click on hibernate... Mystery!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

And lo! We have the windows updates progress bar!!

Continuing my last post about the progress bar of IE8, I just happened to notice the progress bar of Windows Updates in my Vista system. It says 30% remaining but the progress bar has no clue about that and it keeps marqueeing!! I mean, seriously, is it just me?? Whats the whole deal with the progress bars of Microsoft products suddenly? They seem to have lost all knowledge of whats going on!

I think the progress bar in windows should be renamed, something like keep-guessing-bar!! I have reduced being on windows and all these ridiculous itches that windows gives me every now and then, I think I will transition to Linux completely, sooner than I thought.

May God put some head in the windows progress bars!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Tale of the IE8 Installer and the ProgressBar

After ignoring it for a long time, I had to install the great IE8 browser today. Not because I wanted to, but because I had to test some of my code on it. Yes I know... I had to do that because most of the people who have little knowledge of computers still use IE.. And some others who do realize that IE is the worst browser that humans ever made, are still forced to use it because some firms don't allow them to install better software... Hmm.. How cool is that!

Anyways, since I did not want to deprive the helpless IE group from seeing my code run, I had to make sure that it does not cause any weird problems there, which made me install IE8. Well, everything went fine, and I am still "trying" to debug my code there and make it run. However, one thing that caught my attention was the progress bar in the IE8 installer. Right from the time I started installing it, it kept on marqueeing from left to right, until finally the installation was complete. :-?

Apart from the fact that it looked totally ridiculous to have a progress bar there which tells you nothing about the "progress", I started to wonder, is it not possible for an installer to determine what is the volume of the new content to be copied? Or is it too difficult to find out how much was "installed" and how much is remaining? I mean, typically you can do that, which means, either IE8 does not know the volume of the new content (sounds weird and lame at the same time) or the task to write a proper installer was not done. :P

In either case, the installer casts a similar impression as the browser itself, which is..... wait for it.... CRAP!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Now this time its Google!! Come on!

I recently found out a more than lame error while using Orkut - Google's networking portal. They have a nice (and common) feature which allows your friends to add comments on your pics. While another feature which probably keeps monitoring updates for all your friends, will notify you if any of your friend receives a comment on his or her pic..

Turns out that this monitoring and notifying service will notify you that your friend received a comment on her pic irrespective of whether your friend is a male or a female! So, all your friends would be listed as:
A received a comment on her pic!
Thats pretty lame, that they missed a simple check for the sex of the person before notifying their updates..!! Come on Google.. That wasn't expected from you!

Monday, September 15, 2008

My First Blogger's Award...! :D

Thanks a lot Anand for giving me this award. :) This is the first award I've got for blogging and I will try to live up to it by sharing more and more of knowledge out here. Also, I'll pass on this award to my favorite blogs very shortly... So stay tunned.... :D