Thursday, March 5, 2009

Now this time its Google!! Come on!

I recently found out a more than lame error while using Orkut - Google's networking portal. They have a nice (and common) feature which allows your friends to add comments on your pics. While another feature which probably keeps monitoring updates for all your friends, will notify you if any of your friend receives a comment on his or her pic..

Turns out that this monitoring and notifying service will notify you that your friend received a comment on her pic irrespective of whether your friend is a male or a female! So, all your friends would be listed as:
A received a comment on her pic!
Thats pretty lame, that they missed a simple check for the sex of the person before notifying their updates..!! Come on Google.. That wasn't expected from you!

1 comment:

Abz said...

lol i've noticed that too...n its hilarious !!