Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Tale of the IE8 Installer and the ProgressBar

After ignoring it for a long time, I had to install the great IE8 browser today. Not because I wanted to, but because I had to test some of my code on it. Yes I know... I had to do that because most of the people who have little knowledge of computers still use IE.. And some others who do realize that IE is the worst browser that humans ever made, are still forced to use it because some firms don't allow them to install better software... Hmm.. How cool is that!

Anyways, since I did not want to deprive the helpless IE group from seeing my code run, I had to make sure that it does not cause any weird problems there, which made me install IE8. Well, everything went fine, and I am still "trying" to debug my code there and make it run. However, one thing that caught my attention was the progress bar in the IE8 installer. Right from the time I started installing it, it kept on marqueeing from left to right, until finally the installation was complete. :-?

Apart from the fact that it looked totally ridiculous to have a progress bar there which tells you nothing about the "progress", I started to wonder, is it not possible for an installer to determine what is the volume of the new content to be copied? Or is it too difficult to find out how much was "installed" and how much is remaining? I mean, typically you can do that, which means, either IE8 does not know the volume of the new content (sounds weird and lame at the same time) or the task to write a proper installer was not done. :P

In either case, the installer casts a similar impression as the browser itself, which is..... wait for it.... CRAP!!


sneha said...

I sympathasize with you totally.. IE was the crappiest browser ever made.. Actually, I want to say that about all products of MS..

Garrett said...

This is not only the case with IE8 but with IE7 as well. It is difficult to fathom that while moving from one major version to another MS has neglected such a basic usability check..